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Two Rivers WI Motels


Two Rivers WI Motels

What motels offer in convenience, they tend to take away in price. Many of them are simple turnkey operations, meaning they give you a furnished place at a flat rate, no questions asked. What many people find when they get inside, however, is not exactly the stuff of dream vacations.

Simply put, motel rooms are not usually designed to accommodate longer stays. Many are designed with limited seating, a central bed and few other places to work or relax. That's why many visitors to the Two Rivers area are opting for short-term apartment rentals instead of those constrictive rooms. It is a smarter alternative that offers several advantages over the nightly rental route.

1Plus Keeps It Simple
Instead of checking in and out and following the guidelines of a capricious front desk, you get a home, plain and simple. You can have it fully furnished or empty, and we will work with you to ensure everything is exactly the way you want it when you arrive. Best of all, you get a better price on a place that offers all the amenities and conveniences of an upscale apartment anywhere in the country.

There's simply no good reason to pay for the privilege of coming home each night to a long hallway of identical motel rooms. Many of our apartments offer stunning views, ready proximity to local lakes and businesses, and cable-ready convenience. Call or write with questions if you want help getting set up today.

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