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Manitowoc WI Motels


Manitowoc WI Motels

You have found the right site for a superior alternative to Manitowoc hotels. Instead of checking in and following restrictive guidelines about the things you can and cannot do, we can give you an experience much closer to home ownership. At 1Plus Rentals, our job is putting you in a temporary apartment that exceeds your highest expectations.

Why go with us instead of a motel? The simplest reason is money--our short-term leases run by the week or month, saving you tremendous sums over the length of your stay. But an even better reason is what we offer instead: classic, beautiful, quiet apartments in safe neighborhoods that you can call home.

All in One
Our apartments are proximate to all the top destinations in the region. We are located just 18 minutes from Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant and 30 minutes from Green Bay, Algoma and Sheboygan. We enhance such convenient locales with amenities such as broadband internet access--perfect for executives on the go.

Give us a call or write an email, and we'll be happy to get back to you with the information you desire. Nobody in the region offer the breadth of choices we make available, and nobody in the state does customer service better. If you need short-term housing and don't want to spend all your money on a tiny motel room, we're the place to be.

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