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Kewaunee Short-Term Rentals


Kewaunee WI Short Term Rentals

We aim to make your stay in Kewaunee and the Two Rivers area as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. At 1Plus Rentals, our priority is placing you in a home you can truly call for own for the duration of your stay. We accomplish this by carefully maintaining more than 50 beautiful properties with an accent on customer convenience.

Want a furnished place? We offer apartments of every size, from studios all the way up to three-bedroom residences. Simply walk in with a suitcase and you're home: we provide bedding, dishes, and even easy access to broadband data and satellite television upon request. For many people, that kind of convenience proves too enticing to pass up.

True Neighborhoods
All the apartments we maintain are in quiet, lovely neighborhoods within walking distance to a number of sites. Many overlook parks and other greenery to give you a full experience of that storied Two Rivers charm. We can even help you find local organizations and other attractions to make your stay here feel more like joining a community.

Whatever your needs, we'll make it simple for you from first contact all the way until moving day. Short-term housing in Kewaunee can be prohibitively expensive if you or your company is spending nightly rates at a motel in the area. Look around our site if you want to find a better way to live at a lower price.

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