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Kewaunee WI Motels


Kewaunee WI Motels

If you have ever tried to stay in the Kewaunee area, you probably thought a hotel was the best way to do it. After all, unless you have friends in the area, it is essentially understood that have to pay someone per night for a room, right? In fact, there is a better alternative that many people don't know about.

At 1Plus Rentals, we maintain beautiful apartments, both furnished and unfurnished, that are available for rent by the week or month. Instead of following the confining rules of a tiny motel, you can spread out in style and make that apartment your home. For countless visitors to the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant and other local businesses, there is simply no better alternative.

What We've Got
Our apartments are less than 20 minutes away from the popular plant--one of the nation's safest and most respected. They tend to be in lovely neighborhoods where your safety and security may be considered built in. Best of all, our furnished apartments come with everything you need, from cookware to linens and more.

However long your stay, you won't be able to find better rates or a more convenient situation than the ones we offer. Feel free to look around the site and inquire about any of the properties we maintain, from studios to fully furnished three-bedroom apartments. Chances are we can put you in a perfect place at a great price, in a matter of days.

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